wisdom and creativity – the future - 03.06.14

Imagine a world where creativity , innovation, and success are the key drivers. Where people compete to be more innovative. To be more creative. To build their dreams.

Imagine a scenario where experience, expertise built up over years, is combined with energy and creativity. Imagine the outcomes.

Imagine the environment that builds and builds and builds. Almost progressing at the speed of light.

It could be scary. It could be comfortable. One thing for sure, it will move. It will challenge. It will engender excitement.

Why are we not doing this?

Why are we stuck with a slow progression of ideas, thoughts, and a path to the future?

How exciting is life for a younger person in Australia today? How frustrated are the older people in Australia today? How threatened are the older people in Australia today, when the capital they built up is at risk, and their final years may be spent in a situation that thy never imagined?

Some might say that our progression to the future is accelerating exponentially. Looking back on history, we have progressed so far and so quickly in the last 100 years as to be almost unbelievable.

World War 1 to where we are now. Medicine is something that would not have been able to be imagined 100 years ago. Ways of killing people would not have been able to be imagined 100 years ago. Society’s problems would not have been able to be imagined.

What will happen in the next 100 years?

An even faster acceleration of change. That is what will happen. How will any society, grouping of people, state or institution lead this?

Will there be “states”, or even  “institutions”?

How will we interact?  The different cultures, age groups, societies and nationalities?

Do we even want to think about it? Or, do we just want to let it happen? Let someone else drive it, perhaps for their own agenda?

A lot of where we have built is based on trying, trying again, and trial and error.

What if we were to harness the almost intuitive knowledge and actions of older people with the creativity and energy of younger people. Younger people would have a huge step up. They would not be continually re inventing the wheel, for smaller incremental changes. They would be able to leap forward. Then as they got older, their sons and daughters would leap forward. At an exponentially rapid rate of change.

Is this what we want? It doesn’t really matter, It is going to happen anyway.

Do you want to be part of the way that this happens? Or, do you want to leave it to someone else, who may make the world you, and your children,  live in scarier, or more comfortable?

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