What project management will change to, and why - 26.02.15

“ Society may find itself sorely tested if, as seems possible, growth and innovation deliver handsome gains to the skilled, while the rest cling to dwindling employment opportunities at stagnant wages.
Boosting the skills and earning power of the children of 19th-century farmers and labourers took little more than offering schools where they could learn to read, write and do algebra. Pushing a large proportion of college graduates to complete graduate work successfully will be harder and more expensive. Perhaps cheap and innovative online education will indeed make new attainment possible. But such programmes may tend to deliver big gains only for the most conscientious students.”
from http://www.economist.com/news/briefing/21594264-previous-technological-innovation-has-always-delivered-more-long-run-employment-not-less

The key areas where skills will be needed will include, especially for project managers:
• Developing creativity, and flexible approaches to solving the problem that is presented by the project, especially in maximising the input from the human side.
• Skills in innovation. Being able to see different ways that build on previous ways, to solve the problem
• and, as with creativity and innovation, a whole range of new ways of doing things will emerge from the rapid advancement of technology, especially in the area of robotics, automation, and A.I. Project Managers will need to be on top of these new ways of doing things, be able to choose the best of these new ways for the particular problem that their project has been set up to solve. Putting together feasibility scenarios to be assessed will no longer be the simple task that it has been to date.
• Utilising the robotics and AI in more and more innovative ways.
• A focus on art, cultural artefacts, and form, as much as function .
• Virtual teams.
• Understanding how robots add value, programming of robots for specific locations and unique tasks.

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