Contract management on projects

Course Outline

KNOW the secrets that people in the industry don’t know about when it comes to contract management in projects.

PROVIDES you with the tools to demonstrate effective contract management on projects.
Gives you ACCESS to a well-structured and informative presentation that covers the key elements of contract management on projects.

TRANSFORM to a more desirable manager to your employer.

POSITION yourself ahead of your peers.

SUCCEED in the complex and demanding task of contract management on projects.

Course Contents

Introduction to the procurement of goods and services
Procurement planning, Solicitation planning, Source selection, Contract administration, Contract close out
The general types of contracts
Fixed-price or lump-sum: involve a fixed total price for a well-defined product or service, Cost-reimbursable: involve payment to the seller for direct and indirect costs, Time and material contracts: hybrid of both fixed-price and cost-reimbursable, often used by consultants, Unit price contracts: require the buyer to pay the seller a predetermined amount per unit of service
Development of the process of tendering, evaluation and award of contract Invitation to tender, request for tender, briefing consultants for procurement of design services, the plan for procurement, templates for tender evaluation, template for tender recommendation, weighted evaluation
Examples of how procurement is handled in various types of organisations Procurement in a land development company, procurement for Facilities branch in a major hospital, project management consultancy procurement of minor works and services, resource developer procurement framework Risk management in contract management
The risk management framework for a project, how the risk management framework considers contract management in projects, allocation of risks to the party most able to manage the risks
Delegation and responsibilities in contract management
Organisations delegations, the impact of delegation on managing the contract, authority to act Development of a contract administration plan Key elements of the contract administration plan, examples of contract administration plans, staged development of the plan, the contract administration plan as part of the project plan and its relationship to the other project plans
Variation management
A simple system for managing variations, what needs to be considered in assessing variations, typical types of variations
Claim management
Setting the contract up to make claims management easier, organisational systems and their interaction with claims management including delegation of authority, example claims review and recommendation form
Contractor performance reviews
The place of Quality Assurance and how it is used in one organisation, establishment of criteria for measuring performance, tying performance into the contract Partnering and alliance contracts Introduction to the concept of partnering and alliance type contracts, what makes a good alliance contract, terms used in alliancing, design alliancing as an example
Contract completion
Clients role, Contractual documentation, Practical completion certificate or equivalent, As-built drawings, Warranties, Guarantees, Operations Manuals, statutory certificates, authority inspections, schedules (equipment, spare parts)

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