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We all know when we are working in a good team. Don’t we? One  question is, when we’re not working in a good team, why doesn’t someone do something about it ?

Another question is, what is it that makes a good team? A bit of this, a bit of that, a pinch of salt, some stirring and simmering and voila you have it, maybe?

“The management practices that do best, according to the study, (study on the leadership, culture and management practices of high-performing workplaces, sponsored by the Society for Knowledge Economics with funding from the federal government.) are being highly responsive to changes in customers’ and suppliers’ circumstances, encouraging high employee participation in decision-making, achieving on-the-job learning through mentoring and job rotation, making effective use of information and technology and attracting and retaining high quality people.

Of course, different managers have different cultures or styles. Some emphasise results, some their people and some coping with change.

The study finds all three approaches can make a high-performance workplace. The one style that doesn’t work is the ”control” culture.

Wow. How’d you like to work for such a boss in such an enlightened business? Pity is, such firms accounted for only 15 per cent of the sample.”

From an article by Ross Gittins, in the Australian Press, which covered slipping productivity figures.

Memo to the boss

We’re not working in a good team. But don’t worry, because we are like 85% of all teams around. There, I’ve told you.


Memo to Dilbert

In future, when you create and communicate a memo to me, remember that my title is Business Unit Manager ( BUM), not “boss”


Memo to BUMs boss

BUM is controlling. It does not help. Our team is among the 85% of teams around that are not known as enlightened businesses. There, I’ve told you.


Memo to Dilbert

Please see me for a performance review at 3.00 pm today

My title is not BUM’s boss. It is General Unit Manager Business Office ( GUMBO )


The Board of Directors

GUMBO and BUM are a chief cause of us working in an unenlightened team. Do something. There, I’ve told you.


Memo to all staff

GUMBO, BUM and all managers in the company will be attending an external assessment of their leadership and team building capability. The Board takes seriously the view that the company is not among the enlightened 15%, and will be taking measures to change.

The Board of Directors

So, where does this external assessment take place ? what is it like? How is it done?

ProjectCoach will assess your managers. Experienced, capable and successful coaches put the managers through a series of experiential exercises, rank them ,and then provide a report. As close as you can get to the real thing.

Here is an interesting thought. Go to, register, ( its free ) create a survey with the following questions

  • Is the culture or style in our organisation a style which emphasises results?
  • Is the culture or style in our organisation a style which emphasises people ?
  • Is the culture or style in our organisation a style which emphasises coping with change ?
  • Is the culture or style in our organisation a style which emphasises control ?


Then send out the survey to as many people as you can in your organisation. (Answers are anonymous ) , look at the results, and send them on to the Board of Directors. Bypasses Dilbert’s memo process.

You might also like to look at a website Your organisation might be there, with comments on the style. Overall rating for one “Big Australian” is 60%. Some comments “Have been changes in the senior management over the past 12 months in BMA and the BHPB office and the new leaders don’t care about or trust the people running the operations”, “The HR department isn’t always on top of it’s game. They don’t seem to work as a team for the employees”, “Technical oriented planners are needed and management needs to really highlight the importance of senior managers to be sent for leadership skill and people skills”,

 “Advice to Senior Management

Your staff may have valid opines so don’t ignore. There is more to business than compliance.”

However, there are also some good comments, such as “Packages are good and its world class company status will get other companies interested in you”, “Pay, Pay, PAY That’s abouot the best thing about the company. They do not mind paying a better than average salary.”, “Nice offices, loads of space. Pay and benefits are better than average for a mining company but worse than for a real commodity trading house. Company tries to do the right thing by staff”

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