problems getting the message across – you or them? - 26.04.13

The problem we have come across….

Many of the managers we coach complain about not getting their message across, or getting flustered in important meetings. Often their communication just doesn’t get the message across. They often feel as though no one is listening. At times the outcomes from the communication can end up disastrously for them, and then the perception of their abilities is affected. Often negatively, even though they are technically and organisationally very capable.


Consciously reviewing situations where things have turned out badly is a great help. Often times though it is our clients habits, and their ”way”, that can be the problem. The skills to better communicate and to be perceived as a better communicator, and to achieve good results from their approaches, and “way” of influencing people, need to become a habit. They need to be identified, consciously practiced and reviewed until the “way” of achieving results is normal. A bit like learning to drive a car.

One of the ways that we have found that helps our clients in addressing the problem ……..

Initially, our clients review their “way” of communicating when the stakes are high. We provide feedback on areas that the client would benefit from focusing on. This enables the person to then set up a regular timetable, or diary, to put time aside in their day to day activities, (and particularly when high stakes meetings or conversations are likely to come up) to practice the behaviours and “way” to achieve better results. Habit building is not easy. Cues and rewards are identified, and the client must exercise self-discipline.


Our offer to you ……

ProjectCoach are able to provide you with some initial feedback on your “way”, and areas that you may wish to focus on. Our survey at allows you to look at the “way” that you handle difficult conversations, or confronting meetings. We provide feedback to you.

If you would like to contact us, we can also help with setting up the routine to practice enhanced behaviours. Everyone utilises different tools to do this, and the simplest is to keep a written diary, however, some of our clients use smart phone apps, outlook, or even regular calls and discussion with our coaches.

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