Precision and Consensus Together? - 16.02.11

The idea that precision and consensus can go together may seem to be difficult, on first examination.

Surely consensus involves being imprecise, having less detail, you say. Otherwise, how can you get people, who all have different views, from achieving consensus ?

No question there really. You achieve consensus on imprecise and vague propositions.

Imagine a choreographed ballet, where there was consensus on vague and imprecise movements.

Probably not a thing of beauty.

Then imagine a ballet, where the movements were choreographed in detail, positioning is precise, and moves are practiced until they are second nature. The show is precision defined. A thing of beauty.

Now, imagine a property, construction or infrastructure project, where precise problem definition and precise solutions are implemented with consensus. The very effort in getting precision actually assists in getting consensus ina real sense.

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