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Our proposal for development of your project management office

Our understanding of your needs

You are in the following situation

The people in your organization are demotivated, performing in a way that is far from their potential.
Projects are identified in an ad hoc manner. Sometimes a project initiation brief is developed and agreed with a client. Funding for the project is identified and the information captured in a number of places, including SAP. Procurement is managed in accordance with very broad guidelines, and management of the services provided is carried out to varying degrees of competence, and skill. Financial reporting and record keeping is not always accurate. Often services and other items of expenditure are recorded against incorrect Chart of Account codes. The existing systems for forecasting cash flows are inaccurate. Existing systems are not always used.

You want to be in the following position

You want to conduct a review of systems and business processes with the aim of streamlining them or, possibly, establishing them.
You want a set of guidelines developed. This set of guidelines to be loaded onto a unique website on the internet or intranet for access by the Project / Development managers.

You want face to face introduction of the revised procedures and processes .

You want on line learning and assessment to be completed by all users of the new systems and processes. This provides evidence of the competencies to actually use the systems

You want a PMO to become the source for guidance, documentation, and metrics related to the practices involved in managing and implementing projects within your organization.

You want your people performing to their full potential.

You will get

The project coach model: This model assumes best practices are documented and shared and project performance is monitored actively. The PMO in this model is a permanent structure with staff and has some supervisory responsibility for all projects.

Initial responsibilities for the PMO:

• Review of all projects nominated for implementation against an agreed set of criteria, and ranking of projects for their ability to achieve your business goals

Proposed steps to establish the PMO include:

• Establish the Project support methodologies: Provide project management guidance to project managers in business units.
• Project management process/methodology: Develop and implement a consistent and standardized process.
• Training: Conduct training programs
• Establish Internal consulting and mentoring processes: Advise employees about best practices.
• Identify and roll out Project management software tools: Select and maintain project management tools for use by employees.
• Set up portfolio management: Establish a staff of program managers who can manage multiple projects that are related, and allocate resources accordingly.

Key aspects of the deliverables proposed

• Systems and methodologies to rank projects
• On line resources for use by project and development managers
• On line portals for dissemination of best practice, and new or revised methodologies
• Coaching and guidance templates for use by program managers

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