Interesting story …. How to increase productivity ? - 14.03.12

A friend approached me today.

She had been instructed to prepare a submission for the organisation she works for.

This submission was to put forward one of her organisation’s projects for an Industry award.

My friend had no knowledge of the project, and advised the senior manager of this, and advised that the project manager would be better suited.

The senor manager told her that she did not want the project manager to prepare the submission, because they would not win an award if he did.

She had been told by the senior manager who briefed her that refusal was not an option.

Her brief consisted of a brief conversation, and the passing over of the brochure advertising the opportunity.

The brief included the direction that she have the submission ready in three days.

She panicked.

On looking over what had to be done, with some work colleagues and her line manager, she discovered;

1. the project nominated did not fit into the criteria.

2. the guidelines for submission gave a week and a half until a nomination stating that a submission would be made, had to be submitted. There was then a month and a half until the actual submission had to be made.

Her immediate line manager was unaware that she had been tasked, until she told him.

Any comments or advice for my friend would be appreciated.

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2 Comments to “Interesting story …. How to increase productivity ?”

  1. marcia says:

    Typical psychopath’s understanding of work practice see john clark’s book Psychopaths In The Work Place.The only thing to be achieved by such unreasonable expectations (outside the normal chain of command) is negative as most sane people would understand.Can your friend get the line manager to support a revised brief outlining the stupidity of not getting the project manager to do the submission?

    • david poole says:

      she went one better, and prepared a program to show how a winning submission could be made.
      The manager told her that she was not interested, just to produce a submission in the next two days.( even acknowledging that it would have to be done without any knowledge of the criteria by which it would be judged )

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