Insurance policies to keep your job, or the income coming from a job - 16.07.17

I was working for this organisation. It was OK. Nothing really special though. Seemed the average corporate structure, the average corporate focus on the work done, you know, say we cover off on health and safety, say we know about project management, etc etc. People in the powerful positions, the ones who keep their jobs when the 10 yearly clean out happens, were not particularly special. It was more of a case of who you know, and how long you’ve known them that determined how powerful you were. Where you sat in the pecking order. If you knew the CEO back when, or if you knew and were favoured by so and so who knew the CEO back when.
The pay was good. The job was deadly dull. Any attempt to make things better was met with resistance. The thought of the bosses was usually “I didn’t come up with the idea, therefore you cant implement it.”
Deciding on whether to stay or go was difficult. So, I continued to put up.
The 10 year clean out came. I lost.
The lesson here. Pretty obvious really. Or is it? Stay and expect to be gone in a short time. Or, try to build the relationships, forgoing your own values and sense of worth, with people in powerful positions, to keep the good pay. In either case what is your insurance policy. The things that will ensure that you keep what you need to continue if and when the clean out comes.
People who actually think, and there are not many of them really, ( I think it was a famous Irish philosopher who said something like, 2% of people think, 3% think they think, and 95% would rather die than think), and who are energetic enough, usually come up with insurance policies like keeping their profile strong with recruiters, networking widely outside of their current workplace, building a profile within their industry using their present employers resources, putting aside money to “go out on their own”, increasing the number of qualifications that they have to make them more desirable employees, and so on.
Then, perhaps there is an insurance policy that is not related to the usual things we think are important. This insurance policy protects our mind. Our way of being that interacts with the world around us. Do we need $100,000 pa, or $30,000, or maybe we need some from one source, and some from another source? The bit about this insurance policy is that it does not rely on employment as we have known it for ages. Where it is always easier if you can get a job where everything is smooth, where the pay is much the same each month, and the work is interesting, and there is even be a bonus that you can get promoted regularly, just for doing your job and gaining experience. This insurance policy turns that on its head. It requires you to venture into, or at least be ready, willing and able to, venture into the unknown.
We will talk a little bit about it in the next post.

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