Insurance policies relating to your job ….The alternative insurance policy. - 23.07.17

You won’t hear about this from recruiters. At least not yet (maybe when recruiters catch up with the game, their approach will change). You wont hear about it from HR departments (their very existence relies on operational managers being lazy, and lacking leadership skills or motivation, and then putting in place procedures to get the job done, which enables them to claim that all risk has been eliminated. A perfect recipe for replacement by AI and robotics)
When you think about it, the main thing that makes you different from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics approaches to making money in the workplace is your mind. The creative, and flexible part. Robotics and AI have still got some catching up to do here.
So the alternative insurance policy focuses on developing and keeping healthy that part of our mind that is creative and flexible. Keeping their profile strong with recruiters, networking widely outside of your current workplace, building a profile within your industry using your present employers resources, putting aside money to “go out on your own”, increasing the number of qualifications that you have to make you more desirable employees, and so on, are not the focus for this insurance policy.
The focus is about how you exercise and develop your mind, and being a part of a corporate culture or industry culture that pays little attention to that is not going to work for you. Not when building this insurance policy.
So what are some key things that are the currency to purchase or build this insurance?
Developing a peaceful, clear and calm mind, unfettered by insanity and personality disorders. Perhaps this is already you. Maybe it is partially you. In any case we can all be better in this regard.
How to get there? Meditation. Focused awareness. Exercise. Balance in life activities.
Building the capacity for creativity. A wide ranging pursuit of knowledge, across different disciplines.
How to do this? Take jobs in different areas while building an experience base . Continually expose yourself to different ideas. Experiment with different ways of doing things, and watch the results, building the best into your work practices. Read widely, take up hobbies that are supportive of, but different to your core knowledge.
There are other parts to this however the main two have been touched on above.
We’ll talk a bit more about these two major elements in the next post.

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