Creativity. Why do the current generation of Luddites oppose it? - 26.05.14

I cannot recall the number of times that I have heard people my age saying that young people do not want to work these days.

I find this a bit strange.

Maybe it’s true. Maybe it is easier to get the dole now than it used to be. Maybe there are more opportunities for getting money without doing work than there ever were before.

Maybe there aren’t any jobs. Even when you have a double degree. Maybe there are not any jobs, because you do not have experience, and it is easy for an organisation to employ people in a so-called temporary situation on a 457 Visa.

Maybe people my age are Luddites. The way of work has changed. Maybe the way that we used to work is no longer applicable. Maybe science-fiction has eventually caught up with us, and so much can be done via technology now, that opportunities for people who have been trained in the old ways, or who have no technological expertise are going to be left behind. To exist without the benefit of being able to work.

Maybe our whole approach to productivity, is wrong. Maybe even the concept of productivity is wrong.

Maybe we should be thinking about how we can all work together to improve a person’s sense of self worth, and happiness. And that doesn’t just mean the psychopaths in our community, or the “dole bludgers”. It means all of us, the old, the middle-aged, and the young.

About the only thing left to younger people these days, is the ability to be creative, and the opportunity to be creative,  or move overseas and come back as a 457 visa holder? Technology still has not taken over the ability of the human mind to be creative.

Substance abuse is a key concern in our country today. Maybe because people’s sense of self worth, the effort required to find something which gives them a meaning or purpose in life is more than the effort required to numb their senses.

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1 Comment to “Creativity. Why do the current generation of Luddites oppose it?”

  1. Stuart McConney says:

    Though provoking and certainly a hot topic everywhere. Unions and Employers and Employees have every opportunity to strike a balance at every turn in an ecological way. I put politicians to one side as its seems to be the one ingredient that sours the milk no matter what. I fear for my children at this rate on a number of issues.

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