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Developing a peaceful, clear and calm mind, unfettered by insanity and personality disorders. Perhaps this is already you. Maybe it is partially you. In any case, we can all be better in this regard. How to get there? Meditation. Focused awareness. Exercise. Balance in life activities. We all have habits. [...]

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My experiences and recollections have always indicated to me that there is very seldom anything common across organisations, except perhaps three things in Australia that seem to be important in this regard. First, how well connected you are to the people who decide on your promotion. Do you have a [...]

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A short presentation on where ProjectCoach fits in when you are under pressure


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A website, or internet portal, or place that you get to from your computer. A source of information, guidance, previous work that you can use as a base for developing your project. Somewhere that you can share information with other people. A place where, if you ask a question, no [...]

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