How hard is it to decide when enough patience has been shown, and when maybe too much patience has been shown? We all fail this test at some stage. Some of us move on more quickly than others, and then there are those of us who hang around like bad [...]

Telstra slashes one third of its workforce. Other companies in Australia and around the world slash their workforces. ‘Doom, gloom, everything will break down and there will be no one to fix it’. Wow, one would think that it was the end of the world. And perhaps it is, for [...]

The general manager, in response to a question from a ratepayer, asking where the program was for the project replied, “ I’m not going to have my people waste their time developing and continually changing the program, because this project is dynamic, and things change continually. Dates are contained in [...]

The manager was finding it difficult to maintain integrity. Difficult to utilise their professionalism and expertise. Difficult to be innovative in a professional sense. The manager’s boss, the divisional manager, is a relatively nice person, who has got to the position by making sure that no one is offended. Has [...]

Developing a peaceful, clear and calm mind, unfettered by insanity and personality disorders. Perhaps this is already you. Maybe it is partially you. In any case, we can all be better in this regard. How to get there? Meditation. Focused awareness. Exercise. Balance in life activities. We all have habits. [...]

You won’t hear about this from recruiters. At least not yet (maybe when recruiters catch up with the game, their approach will change). You wont hear about it from HR departments (their very existence relies on operational managers being lazy, and lacking leadership skills or motivation, and then putting in [...]

I was working for this organisation. It was OK. Nothing really special though. Seemed the average corporate structure, the average corporate focus on the work done, you know, say we cover off on health and safety, say we know about project management, etc etc. People in the powerful positions, the [...]

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Breaking news – Australia introduces legislation requiring any aspiring politician to be qualified. In breaking news today, a survey of the general population of Australia said that we need to do something about a vexing problem in our country. I speak to you of course, about the quality of our [...]