Actively Engaged, or Disengaged ? - 16.03.11

Gallup research shows that 16% of the US working population is actively disengaged, that is 16% of people are actively working to destroy the culture you are trying to create. They are slowing things down, misdirecting and generally smoothing your tidal wave. However, the terrifying thing is that 55 per cent are in a neutral. They could go with the 16 % and then you have 71% against you.

This research has shown that one major factor that made the difference in improving the working environment was the workgroup manager.

A study into successful regional businesses in Australia, during a time that country towns were dying, revealed what Collins and a Porris say about one of the great myths regarding a business success.

This is the myth of needing a great idea, or, the charismatic leader, to achieve business success.

What they found was that persistence in overcoming obstacles and an aligned group that could see the way in which they contributed to the strategy, was more important than the great idea, or the charismatic leader.

You can see another vision of the leader for teams in the theme from a book, the leadership pipeline, by Raymond Charan, Stephen Drotter and James Knoll. This book criticises companies that look for the leaders only amongst the best and brightest. Businesses are full of intelligent, good-looking people from top schools who are failing because they do not know how to get anything done.

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