Project Management Workshops (Public)

Public project management coaching. Open to all.

If a public project management workshop would suit you, Project Coach provides a wide range of sessions regularly throughout the year, open to anyone who wants to benefit from project management coaching and tools that are specific to their industry.

Access expertise at reasonable cost.

Your facilitator in these open workshops will be an expert in your field, so you’ll receive leading project management coaching which focuses on directly relevant issues. The scalable structure of our programs means you can create your own cost-effective timetable in line with other commitments.

An enjoyable experience that delivers tangible results.

One of our many guarantees is that you’ll enjoy our coaching content, and you’ll be able to see measurable benefits as soon as it starts. You’ll learn invaluable knowledge that positively impacts professional and financial performance.

With Project Coach, better performance in project management is guaranteed. So is your satisfaction.

Position yourself apart from your competitors. Be precise, call Project Coach.

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