“ Society may find itself sorely tested if, as seems possible, growth and innovation deliver handsome gains to the skilled, while the rest cling to dwindling employment opportunities at stagnant wages. Boosting the skills and earning power of the children of 19th-century farmers and labourers took little more than offering [...]

People costs are too high to carry out mundane tasks, especially when automation robotics and ever more capable software takes on these mundane tasks. People will need to add value that cannot be added by machines, robots and A.I. Competition for available jobs will be high. Companies will go go [...]

And there we were. It was 2025. A most exciting time. The world had changed quite a lot in the last ten years. As predicted, the number of people in full time employment, as it had been described in 2015, was significantly less. To survive, large corporate organisations had had [...]

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project dev plan template aug 06

My experiences and recollections have always indicated to me that there is very seldom anything common across organisations, except perhaps three things in Australia that seem to be important in this regard. First, how well connected you are to the people who decide on your promotion. Do you have a [...]

There are two key elements here. They are: Delegation, along with, Problem solving and Task management. How do they complement each other?

Breaking news – Australia introduces legislation requiring any aspiring politician to be qualified. In breaking news today, a survey of the general population of Australia said that we need to do something about a vexing problem in our country. I speak to you of course, about the quality of our [...]

Imagine a world where creativity , innovation, and success are the key drivers. Where people compete to be more innovative. To be more creative. To build their dreams. Imagine a scenario where experience, expertise built up over years, is combined with energy and creativity. Imagine the outcomes. Imagine the environment [...]

I cannot recall the number of times that I have heard people my age saying that young people do not want to work these days. I find this a bit strange. Maybe it’s true. Maybe it is easier to get the dole now than it used to be. Maybe there [...]

An example of where things go wrong NOW, and why there needs to be a focus on a new way of delivering Bill Blogs at a NSW government department received word that his “client” organisation within the department wanted to redevelop a site owned by the government, which was a [...]

Three key rules when trying to get your team members to be more innovative and creative, see the short video at innovation and motivation

So, we have done a few short vidoes on when and how a team leader can encourage creativity, see them on the projectcoachoz channel on YouTube, or follow the links below

watch a few videos and then, you might want to contact us? What it looks like Access to all projectcoach on line learning One hour per week with a projectcoach coach via skype, for ten weeks Initiation where the issue to be developed is agreed, with measures for development Wrap [...]

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A short presentation on where ProjectCoach fits in when you are under pressure